Kathleen Groom

Developmental Editing

Is your writing project taking shape, but you need help joining it all together? Or is your project still in the dream stage? I can help you. Sorting through ideas and organizing a theme into overall structure is my specialty.

I edit a wide range of projects, from first glimmer to publish ready.

Examples include:

  • Private Memoirs
  • Family Histories
  • Business Plans
  • Sales Proposals
  • Academic Papers

Commercial and Technical Editing

Are you certain your business documents portray the professionalism you desire? Do your website and marketing materials clearly communicate your message? If your resources contain typos, misused words or confusing text, your professional reputation suffers. Let me help you produce clean copy to effectively represent your company at its best. I will clarify the objective of your manuscript to make sure it communicates what you want it to say, as well as hone it into a clean and effective final product.

Examples include:

  • Website Content
  • Technical Articles and White Papers
  • Business Proposals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Blogs and Newsletters


Or if you prefer, I can do the writing for you. Many clients find themselves so consumed with the daily demands of business that they don't have the time, or perhaps the skills, to write proper content. I interview essential personnel, collect pertinent information, and craft copy for your approval, easing the stress of content development.

Please contact me for more information.