Kathleen Groom has edited a wide variety of writing for me over several years, primarily essays and short books. I consider her an important member of my support team for my work as a personal historian. Kathy is remarkable in her ability to see the forest and the trees. Typically she will do a round of content editing, then copy edit a final draft. She is quick, thorough, capable and conscious. I whole-heartedly recommend that you have her edit for you--as long as she still has time for me!

- Mary Beth Lagerborg, Author and Personal Historian

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I asked Kathleen Groom to proof and edit an article that contained both legal and technological information. She did a wonderful job and provided invaluable help. For example, she identified a "hidden lead" toward the end of the article--once she pointed that out to me, I rewrote the initial paragraphs to put this important lead up front. She also kept me honest about whether certain terminology is a "term of art" that my audience would understand without a definition. Her writing and editing knowledge transcended the particular subject matter and helped me produce a clearer and better-written piece.

- Cynthia K. Courtney, Esq., Vice President & General Counsel

Kathleen Groom has the rare ability to be both an excellent developmental editor and a detailed copy editor, a rare trait. She sees the whole picture of a book or shorter work and helps shape it with keen insight and a broad view, and she can clean it up until it shines. I could not recommend her more highly.

- Lindsey O'Connor, Author & Journalist

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I've worked with Kathy Groom for nearly a decade and have long been impressed with her ability to clearly see the heart of a story. She's just as sharp discerning what makes a story work--or not work--and more importantly is able to suggest revisions. At the same time, she's sensitive to the writer and doesn't take over the project, but works to maintain the author's vision and voice.

- Shelly Steig, Travel Writer and Novelist

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